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The PT-9600 is one of Brother's toughest electronic labellers.

It's packed in a durable carry case and is designed to work integrally from the case, from mains power or rechargeable batteries. It can be used as a stand-alone labeller, or it can be connected to a PC/Mac to utilise the great features available through the software provided.

Uses Unique Laminated Tape Technology

Unlike ordinary labels, Brother labels use laminated tapes for exceptional durability. The lamination ensures that it resistant to smudges, stains, streaks, marks, rips, fading and peeling.

A Brother laminated label is also water-resistant so they'll never run and will always look their best.

Brother labels also adhere to practically any surface. So, no matter what you use them for, they will stand up to the toughest treatment.

User-friendly features
The PT-9600 includes a whole range of new features including an ability to download label templates and logos from the computer to the P-touch. This allows frequently used labels to be easily accessed and edited without further use of a computer.

The Rotate and Print function prints information on the width of the label and is perfect for flagging cables. Barcodes can also be integrated onto labels and with the special Macro buttons, the PT-9600 can remember shortcuts to favourite label formats.

The multi-function cutter can half cut (ie. just the label and not the backing paper) successively printed labels making it easy to peel off the labels. With the back-lit display, the user can read in poorly lit areas.

There are 583 symbols and clip-arts that are perfect for producing the necessary certified labels used by so many professions including a selection of commonly used safety symbols for electrical, building, plumbing, maintenance and other trades.

With printing on label widths from 6mm-36mm, producing professionally printed labels is now easier than ever.

· Durable carry case
. Re-chargeable battery (Ni-MH)
. AC adaptor
· USB interface cable
· TZ laminated tape, black on white, 24mm
· CD-ROM software
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