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PT-1900 desktop electronic labeller
The PT-1900 desktop electronic labeller prints labels in widths of 6, 9, 12 and 18mm and comes with an in-built automatic tape cutter giving you quicker results each time.

Uses Unique Laminated Tape Technology

Using unique lamination tape technology the PT-1900 creates professional, laminated, adhesive-backed labels that can be used for virtually any office application.

Unlike ordinary labels, Brother labels use laminated tapes for exceptional durability. The lamination ensures that it resistant to smudges, stains, streaks, marks, rips, fading and peeling.

A Brother laminated label is also water-resistant so they
'll never run and will always look their best.

Brother labels also adhere to practically any surface. So, no matter what you use them for, they will stand up to the toughest treatment

User-friendly features
It is loaded with features including two built-in fonts, 8 type styles, 8 type sizes and vertical and mirror printing.

With its 10 character by 2 line display, you can now view the font you select before printing.

The PT-1900 can print up to 4 lines and is light enough to be portable and used in situations requiring on-the-spot labelling. It also operates on optional AC adaptor.

· 6 AA batteries
· Tape separator
· TZ laminated tape, black on white, 12mm
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