The PT-9500PC is one of Brother's toughest electronic labellers.

It's now easier than ever to create professional looking laminated labels right from your desktop. Create and print, it's as easy and 1-2-3. Those assets you've thought about labelling can now be done with labels that stick anywhere at any time. With the 9500PC you can create a strip of labels from your desktop so you can be off and labelling user machines in no time flat. This labeller also has an auto-cutter and can print "crack and peellabels for easy peeling. Pre-design your labels with your company logo or other graphics, import your database, and print labelling has never been easier.

The PT-9500PC connects to your PC or MAC® and uses easy-swap tape cassettes allowing you to print laminated labels with standard or "industrial strengthadhesive (twice the adhesive strength) in a variety of fonts and styles. With built-in base code templates and symbols, the PT-9500PC delivers the performance and reliability you want in a label printer.

Prints durable laminated labels, TZ tapes up to 36mm wide and die-cut AV labels

Uses Unique Laminated Tape Technology

User-friendly features
* Save and recall frequently used label designs
* Prints from industry standard bar code symbology
* Print up to 5,000 copies of a single label automatically
* Prints True-Type fonts
* Prints labels from a database (*.mbd, *.csv, *.xls formats)
* Pre-designed templates makes it quick and easy to create professional looking labels
* Advanced numbering features including auto-incrementing and repeat printing
* Special formatting features including text insert, underlining and framing

Tape separator
TZ laminated tape, (24mm Black on White Laminated Tape)
Catch Tray
USB and Serial Cable
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